Sunday, February 1, 2009

Accessorize, Victoria and Albert jewellery collection - Earrings

Above Earrings and a pendant (bottom right) from Accessorize

Above displayed V&A : 1800 - 1900 Gold earrings from Oporto

Above displayed at V&A: European 1st century-4th century gold emerald matrix earrings, below also displayed at V&A: Pique, tortoiseshell inlaid with gold ca, 1850 England.
Saturday was a busy day in London. I went to The V&A to look at The William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery Gallery. Sadly because of security I was unable to take pictures. Its a stunning display (much better than the turnstile gallery days).
All the details of the display can be found here

I also had a look around Accessorize. Costume jewellery is great for ever changing trend. £6.00 a pair of earrings, they are are not precious. Above are some earrings that caught my eye at The V&A and at Accessorize.

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