Thursday, November 26, 2009

"As if by magic"....

Mr Benn movie?..surely not? Illustrator David McKee, creator of Mr Benn thinks so.

First broadcast in 1971 Mr Benn started his adventures by putting on various costumes in his local fancy dress shop. The shop's changing room transported Mr Benn to other worlds.

52 Festive Road is the home of Mr Benn...David Mckee lived at 54 Festing Road Putney, South London in the 1960's. Mckee inspired by his neighbourhood created the wonderful illustrations and stories of Mr Benn.

Current resident Hugh Thompson had no idea of the Festing road history, but on saturday 28th November an engraved paving slab will be laid outside the home of Mckee and Mr Benn as a tribute. Thompson organised a whip round with the other residents of Festing Road to pay for this tribute. The unveiling will involve Festing Road residents dressing up in many of the costumes worn by Mr Benn.

If you need enlightening or to reminisce the magic of Mr Benn here is a link

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